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    • 1998-2005
      Jun.1998   Hangzhou ENPR Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. (ENPR) is officially established.
      Feb.1999   To be BETZ-Dearborn agent in China.
      Jan.2004   R&D center is founded.
      May.2005   Be appointed as the technical supporting and service center of UF & RO products in East China by Hydranautics.
    • 2006
      Jun.2006   Passes ISO9001:2000.
      Oct.2006   Be chosen as a qualified contractor of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant.
      Oct.2006   Be honored as Outstanding Innovative Enterprise in Zhejiang province.
      Dec.2006   As the first invention patent,’THE RO SYSTEM WHICH CAN CLEAN ITSELF ON-LINE USING CLEANING DEVICE’ is successfully developed independently authorized.
      Dec.2006   Win the title of ‘HC360.COM’s Qualified Supplier’.
    • 2007
      Apr.2007   Be honored as one of the Ten Chinese Water Industry Vigorous Enterprises.
      Nov.2007   Passes the High-tech Enterprises of Hangzhou certification.
    • 2008-2010
      Aug.2008   Passes the High-tech Enterprises of Zhejiang Province certification.
      Dec.2008   Passes the High-tech Enterprises of the Nation certification (new high-tech).
      Aug.2009   Be chosen as a supplier of Sinopec Group.
      May.2010   Upgrade to ISO9001:2008.
    • 2011
      Feb.2011   Honored to be the Harmonious Labor Relationship Standard Enterprise of Hangzhou.
      Sep.2011   Passed the re-examination of High-tech Enterprises of the Nation certification.
      Dec.2011   Passed the pilot enterprise of patent review of Gongshu District.
      Dec.2011   Be honored as the 2011 Advanced Basic-level Trade Union Organizations.
      Dec.2011   Be honored as the three starts level of labor union in 2011.
      2011   Be authorized 6 patents, which contain 1 invention, 4 utility model patents and 1 appearance design.reaches the tipping point, marks its R&D level steps into a new stage.
    • 2012
      Mar.2012   Successfully trial-produced the filter elements which is developed independently.
      Sep.2012   Passes the review of Hangzhou SMEs of science and technology.
    • 1998-2005
    • 2006
    • 2007
    • 2008-2010
    • 2011
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